No decision is bigger than you

Aug 07, 2020

I’m hearing from parents that you feel overwhelmed in trying to make the right decision for your child and family as we head into the new school year. If your school is opening, do you send your child? If it isn’t opening, how will you manage distance learning? If it’s some sort of hybrid, how will you manage it all, without losing your mind in the process?

I know the feeling. It feels urgent, that so much is at stake, and that we’re going to get it wrong. I’m here to let you know there when there is no easy answer, there is no perfect answer, and no wrong answer.

I encourage you to trust yourself to make the best decisions for your family with the information you have.

And remember, when circumstances change, so can your choices. Trust that you can adjust.

That’s why I’ve developed this Values Based Decision-Making tool — it’s a framework that helps you trust your judgment and find the answers in your own wisdom.

The video walks you through the framework and an example (how my family decided what to do this upcoming school year as our daughter is entering kindergarten in the time of Covid).

Values Based Decision Making

THIS LINK takes you to the tool, so you can download it and start making values-based decisions today.

I hope you’ll find yourself trusting your judgment more and more.